Meet Our Team


The keystone to our success is our valued staff. Excel is owned and operated by native-speaking Peruvians, and all of our Spanish teachers are qualified and experienced native speakers of Spanish. Some of our teachers specialize in beginners Spanish while others work mostly with immediate and advanced students.

We have enthusiastic instructors who teach Spanish because they love doing it, and they are supported by equally motivated secretarial staff in our main office.

They are intimately involved with the welfare of students and are always available to answer questions and deal with any problems that may arise during their stay. Excel maintains a study room. Also, our students may use the office for receiving mail, e-mail messages and important phone calls.

Secretaries for Excel Language School

Our secretaries are eager to help you enroll in Spanish language classes and will help with anything you need during your stay with us at Excel.

Services and Maintenance Staff for Excel Language School

Our maintenance staff are dedicated to providing a safe and clean environment for your learning experience.