At EXCEL we offer Weekly Spanish Programs for four hours daily, either in the morning or in the afternoon.

9:00am – 1:00pm or 3:00pm – 7:00pm
20 hour per week

This structure leaves broad time for you to practice on your own (one to two hours at home) and to enjoy Cusco and the surrounding area.

A typical day at EXCEL includes meeting with your class at nine in the morning, Coffee break at 11:00am for you to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with your classmates in the courtyard during your 15-minute break, and finishing class at 1:00pm.

EXCEL offers different options for you according to your needs and time available.

CRASH COURSE – 1 week (20hr)
Learn the basics and dare to have a conversation with the locals!

Planning to travel around Spanish speaking countries in the Americas? We can help you learn Spanish from scratch and feel confident enough to find your way around.

SURVIVAL SPANISH – 1 ½ weeks (30hr)
If you are urgent, need to brush up your Spanish or just need to learn key language to put in practice speedily.

Our course is customized according to your requirements whether it is project-specific or general company or team building purposes.

We offer you an intensive program to learn Spanish on a local-level to make your volunteering experience more enriching.

All our Spanish options can be either as one-on-one classes, group of two classes or mini group classes of 3 to 4 students:

ONE-ON-ONE CLASSES -> Perfect for students of any level who are seeking rapid, intensive and focused instruction custom tailored to their learning patterns.

GROUP-OF-TWO CLASSES -> The exercises are still intensive in approach, and the intimate environment promotes rapid retention of new skills, as well as new friendships.

GROUP OF 4 (THREE TO FOUR STUDENTS PER CLASS) -> Best for beginner students who have little to no foundation in Spanish. It is also good for those who are travelling in groups that have essentially the same level of Spanish knowledge.

CUSTOM TAILORED COURSES * -> Need something more specialized? Please email us with your specific requests.

(*)The price and payment terms may be altered accordingly as well as the structure of the course.


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