Determine your language level

Determine your language level with the following table.

Spanish Language Levels with Corresponding Descriptions

Language Level Level Description
Beginner You have no knowledge of the language or you have a very basic understanding of the language and read and write with many mistakes. You make literal translations from your own language
Elementary You understand 50% of conversations when the are clear and presented slowly. You have limited vocabulary and know some grammar, syntax and pronunciation rules. You frequently use a dictionary and still think in your native language before.
Low Intermediate Your vocabulary is still limited but you understand 60% of conversations presented at normal speed. Your syntax is good but you stlll make mistakes and you write with difficulty. You keep thinking in your native language before translating.
Intermediate You are able to read and write with some mistakes although writing is still difficult. You can now be understood without difficulty and your extended vocabulary allows you a good understanding of a range of topics. You still have a tendency to think in your native language.
High Intermediate You can read and write with ease however, mastering these skills is yet to be acquired. Your vocabulary is vast but there are topics still not at your reach for lack of a more specific vocabulary. Your native language is now making place for the new language when you think.
Advanced You read and write fluently and have good pronunciation. You on use a dictionary for technical or less frequently used words. You still make some mistakes with idiomatic expressions. ou now only think 15% in your native language.
Advanced + You have mastered the new language as reading, writing and s eaking is no longer a problem. Problems may arise only with more specialised points of the language or with some technica vocabulary. You no longer think in your native language.

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