Accommodation Options

Accommodations are included in your program fees. We strongly recommend that students select a home-stay with one of our carefully selected Peruvian families, although, they may also elect to stay in a nearby hotel.

Should you have any questions or comments about accommodation options, please contact us.

Home-Stay Program

Living with a Peruvian family is a tremendous opportunity to build your Spanish skills while making new friends and becoming immersed in the culture of the country. By talking with and listening to the family at meals and at other times during the day, students conversational skills will advance much more rapidly than if they stayed in a hotel.

Families for the home-stay program are carefully selected and monitored by Excel so that our students can really enjoy their time in Cusco. Our host families are middle-class Peruvian families living in American-style homes that have hot water at least part of every day. Accommodations are more comfortable than most people imagine.

Each student will have his own room with a private bathroom, if requested. Laundry services are readily available throughout Cusco,although, these are not included in the home-stay program fee.

Guest families provide three meals a day. Generally, meal times are flexible and a student can make other arrangements for meals if so desired. Special diets such as vegetarian may be accommodated ifwe are notified in advance.

Please visit un on facebook to learn about the personal experiences of some of our students.

Hotel Option

Excel also maintains a list of nearby hotels and hostels that may better meet the needs of some students. Excel hotel accommodations include a single room (unless you specifically request a room mate) with hot water and a private bathroom. Meals are not included in hotel accommodations.

Student Residence

Our students house, located within walking distance of the school, has all modern conveniences: comfortable, cozy bedrooms, a living room, a dining room and a kitchen.

Living in our student house gives the student the opportunity to meet other students as well as affording privacy after a long day of study. Student accommodation is generally in double rooms but single rooms can be arranged at an additional charge. Breakfast is included. All accommodations is for seven days and nights and an extra day may also be arranged at an additional charge.

Prices for students residence are the same as the for homestay.

Should you have any questions or comments about accommodation options, please contact us.


Accommodation Options


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